Make money online

Well you've landed here! You're waiting to know the secret of money making online. Well if I'm honest I don't know........   Just joking! I know. :)
Here are some tips:
1. Make a website or a blog If you wanna earn some cash, you have to have a website or a blog. This is the    base of everything.
    If you don't have one then bye bye Rolls Royces and Hawaii.
2. Build website traffic Well you've done some hard work in the last few months and the website is ready. Yes but if you don't have visitors the game is over. There are lots of ways of building traffic. Here are some ideas:
            -comment on related sites
            -link other sites, then ask them if they can link back
            -advertise (yes it's sounds like money wasting but it's not)
            -start article marketing
These are just 4 ideas out of millions.
3. Advertise on your site When you have got lots of hits and you have a good pagerank, then you can start the real business. If you are a starter then I would recomend Google AdSense. It's very easy to use.
For more advanced people I would set up banners on the site. It's harder but it earns more cash!
***I've started a .com website  for 11$s per year. It was a big question that will my site survive. (the site was about cars) I wrote reviews and news reports from the auto industry. In 3 months my alexa rank was 400.000. I got very excited.
I put google ads on my site. In a year my alexa rank was 12.000 and my income from the google ads was 3800$ monthly. ***
(this story is not real :D )


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