Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to write posts that go viral

Blog posts very rarely go viral, but when they do, they get the blog owner loads of links, reputation and visitors.
I want to make it clear in the beginning: There is no secret formula to go viral! I will only be showing you some ideas that might work.

Let's start:

What are the main elements of going viral?

To go viral you don't only have to produce insane quality content, you have to have something in addition. This can be good humor, exclusivity, uniqueness etc...
People love these stuff!

Any good writer can produce quality content, but only < 1% of them go viral.

So you already written the post and you added some bonus stuff mentioned above.. what's next?

Do your routine! Publish the post, tweet it to your followers, share it on Facebook, submit it to Digg, ping it and wait! You cannot do anything else.
If it doesn't turn out to be a viral hit, then try to figure out why. What did I miss out or what did I do wrong? Ask yourself these questions and try to find an answer.

How does a post actually go viral?
You may be rightly asking the question: How does the post actually go viral?
Well, here is the answer:
  1. Maybe it is so good that it spreads like wildfire without any help (this is what we actually call viral spreading).
    So when your Twitter followers first see it, they like it so much they pass it on to their followers. Their followers also like it and they also pass it on... and so on until the half of Twitter know about it!
    Good infographic about it:
  2. Maybe a few days pass and a big social media guru with 1000s of followers on Digg finds your article and diggs it! Then his/her followers digg it. Then the followers of them digg it... and so on until the post hits the front page on Digg and you get 1000s of visitors in minutes.
Do you get it now? Hope you do! :)

Oh yes, a warning!
Imagine that huge crowd of people that visit you blog when one of your posts go viral. Believe it or not they can kill your site!
So watch out and always check the bandwidth that's available on your hosting account!

Hope you enjoyed this post! and I hope you go viral! :D


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