Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to write magnetic headlines that get clicks

Want to write awesome headlines that get clicks?

Yep, that's all you need! Of course a bit of creativity and luck is also a good thing that you need.

Okay let's start with some killer examples of magnetic headlines.

"How to make a blog" -> "How to make an awesome blog that generates money"

"How to make money with AdSense" -> "Money making with AdSense: Not easy but profitable"

"How to get traffic from Twitter" -> "Get clicks from Twitter with these original tips"

Feel the difference? If you don't look at them again!

Now? Do you feel it?

Well, the difference is that the second headlines are more interesting. Obviously if they are more interesting they will get more clicks.
Oh wait, we got the first component of our killer headline "formula". :)

The second component: make a headline that fits the content of the post!
You don't want people to come to your blog because of the awesome headline and then leave because they are disappointed about the quality of the post.
So please... only write headlines that fit the content!

And basically that's it! Nothing special but it's very very important.


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