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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How to make a cool Twitter profile

Nowadays Twitter is part of your identity. So making a cool profile is a basic move to increase your online `image`.
So how should create it? What are the main components of making an awesome Twitter profile?
Today I'll show them! :)
Ok let's start!

First thing: the background!
The background tells a lot about you, so choose it wisely. There is nothing wrong with the default Twitter backgrounds, but they are not unique. They don't tell anything about you or about what you do. So don't be afraid of uploading a unique pic of yours.
Have a look at mine:

The web on a webby pic :)

It is not that unique but it tells a lot about me: ex. that I love the internet and I work online.
So come on, be creative and choose a great profile background.

Step 2: Write an awesome bio!
Let's have a look at mine:
Programmer, Internet marketer, Blogger and Designer. Founder of startup . Now living the :)
I tell what I do, where I work and just a random sentence related to my life. If you include the things I do, people will find and follow you easier.
So why not write or rewrite your bio. Include:
  • What you do
  • What you love
  • Where do you work
Some good examples:

Founder of, author, blogger. This is a retweet of my blog. ~ Seth Godin
A young lady who is a lover of beta sites, web design/development, wicked fonts, and robots. ~ Thalida
An Aussie married to @CatHaydon. I help people with website design, SEO (search engine optimization) & social media marketing ~ Mike Haydon
Got it? If not, try to find more great Twitter bios and get inspiration.

Choose a nice avatar!
This is very important: Your avatar must show you! Not Mickey Mouse or Oprah, you! Look at mine below!

It shows me! Just me!

OK, there is one more!
Now that you've got a nice background, bio and avatar, you can concentrate on styling your profile (link color, text color etc...). You can do it by going to: Settings -> Design -> "Customize your own".

I haven't changed it, because I think it looks OK with my background and avatar. But if you have: ex. a red background, then try to choose the link color to be red or orange.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial! :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to write magnetic headlines that get clicks

Want to write awesome headlines that get clicks?

Yep, that's all you need! Of course a bit of creativity and luck is also a good thing that you need.

Okay let's start with some killer examples of magnetic headlines.

"How to make a blog" -> "How to make an awesome blog that generates money"

"How to make money with AdSense" -> "Money making with AdSense: Not easy but profitable"

"How to get traffic from Twitter" -> "Get clicks from Twitter with these original tips"

Feel the difference? If you don't look at them again!

Now? Do you feel it?

Well, the difference is that the second headlines are more interesting. Obviously if they are more interesting they will get more clicks.
Oh wait, we got the first component of our killer headline "formula". :)

The second component: make a headline that fits the content of the post!
You don't want people to come to your blog because of the awesome headline and then leave because they are disappointed about the quality of the post.
So please... only write headlines that fit the content!

And basically that's it! Nothing special but it's very very important.

How to write posts that go viral

Blog posts very rarely go viral, but when they do, they get the blog owner loads of links, reputation and visitors.
I want to make it clear in the beginning: There is no secret formula to go viral! I will only be showing you some ideas that might work.

Let's start:

What are the main elements of going viral?

To go viral you don't only have to produce insane quality content, you have to have something in addition. This can be good humor, exclusivity, uniqueness etc...
People love these stuff!

Any good writer can produce quality content, but only < 1% of them go viral.

So you already written the post and you added some bonus stuff mentioned above.. what's next?

Do your routine! Publish the post, tweet it to your followers, share it on Facebook, submit it to Digg, ping it and wait! You cannot do anything else.
If it doesn't turn out to be a viral hit, then try to figure out why. What did I miss out or what did I do wrong? Ask yourself these questions and try to find an answer.

How does a post actually go viral?
You may be rightly asking the question: How does the post actually go viral?
Well, here is the answer:
  1. Maybe it is so good that it spreads like wildfire without any help (this is what we actually call viral spreading).
    So when your Twitter followers first see it, they like it so much they pass it on to their followers. Their followers also like it and they also pass it on... and so on until the half of Twitter know about it!
    Good infographic about it:
  2. Maybe a few days pass and a big social media guru with 1000s of followers on Digg finds your article and diggs it! Then his/her followers digg it. Then the followers of them digg it... and so on until the post hits the front page on Digg and you get 1000s of visitors in minutes.
Do you get it now? Hope you do! :)

Oh yes, a warning!
Imagine that huge crowd of people that visit you blog when one of your posts go viral. Believe it or not they can kill your site!
So watch out and always check the bandwidth that's available on your hosting account!

Hope you enjoyed this post! and I hope you go viral! :D

How to get people to ReTweet your stuff

(This is the first real post on the Blogging Lion blog! Enjoy! :) )

Twitter is a great platform for everyone including online marketers like me and you. It can be a great traffic source if you use the power of Twitter correctly. Today I will show you the secrets of getting people to RT your tweets.
Twitter Bird

Getting retweeted is a major step on the ladder to promotion success. Let's view it this way: the more retweets you get -> the more people talk about your product/service/blog -> more chance of getting loyal customers/readers.

So how to get more RTs? Here are some golden tips:

Tweet about interesting things!
Nobody wants to know about your dog's breakfast or your mom's car. Your followers follow you because they think you will update them with useful things. Also stay at your original niche/topic! If you're Twitter profile is about tech and gadgets, probably your followers are interested in tech and gadgets. So don't annoy them with your last night party or such things. They won't RT any of those kind of stuff.

Ask them for RTs!
I know it may sound a bit self promotional, but believe it or not, it mostly works! Once you publish your new blog post, you probably write a tweet like this:
"Twitter marketing: How to get people to RT your stuff! http://link-goes-here"
That's OK in most cases, but if you really want to get many RTs, that's not enough.
To solve this I usually add a phrase like this to the end:
"Twitter marketing: How to get people to RT your stuff! http://link-goes-here  (If you liked the article, please RT!)"
That somehow increases my number of RTs! So why don't you try it as well! :)
(Warning: Don't do this to every tweet of yours, because once they will have enough and they will unfollow you.)

In return, RT their tweets!
If they see you RT their tweets, they will think of somehow returning this favour -> they will RT you as well! :)

Interact with your followers!
This step will build trust. More they trust you and the more they know you, the more they will favourite and RT your tweets. It's that simple!

Well, hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, do me a favour, RT! :) Thanks very much!
If you have anything to add to these points or you have a question, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hi and Welcome!


First of all thanks for visiting my new blog! I hope you will enjoy my posts on creating a blog and taking it to success!

I will be posting very actively throughout the next weeks and months. All content will be original advice from me (Of course I will accept guest posts from time to time).

So what will be the main topics? Here are them:
  • Blog post writing tips
  • Blog design tips
  • Blog promotion tips (Social media, Search engines, Blog commenting, Guest posting etc...)
  • Blog monetization
  • etc...
I just want to make it clear in the beginning: This is not another "make money online overnight" or "effective seo tips that will make you rich" etc... blog! This blog will only give working tips and ideas on blogs and blogging.

If you have something in mind you might want me to write about, don't hesitate to ask in a comment or in email (barta.akos[at]gmail[dot]com)!

Well, thanks again! (& stay tuned!)


~ Akos Barta
(from: and also